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Returns Policy

  1. What is your store Returns Policy?

    We are pleased to offer an exchange or store credit on any unworn/unused merchandise, provided that it is returned within 14 days, with proof of purchase and in it’s original box.

    If you do not have your receipt, unworn merchandise may be returned in its original box for an exchange or store credit equal to the current or last marked selling price of the original purchase. Any exchange/credit is at management's discretion, and only if management are completely satisfied that the product was purchased in our stores.

    Please note that we do not offer a refund on personally selected merchandise.

    It is our policy that the original packaging is compulsory with each purchase. This is due to our electronic barcode system, stock control and for re-sale reasons. We are sorry, but we are unable to offer an exchange on loose shoes without the original box.

    We recommend that customers always keep both the receipt and box of all purchases.

    If the product you purchased included a free gift or promotional item, the free gift or promotional item must also be returned. 

    No exchange will be offered on worn merchandise, including new merchandise worn out-of-shop. For worn returns with defects, please see 'How do I return a faulty item'.

    This does not affect your statutory or consumer rights.  

  2. What is your Returns Policy during Sale periods?

    You must have your original receipt if returning any items purchased during the sale or if returning an item purchased pre-sale at full price.

    You must also have the original box/packaging. We operate a strict 'no box - no exchange' policy.

    If you do not have your receipt or cannot offer proof of the purchase price, you may be credited with the current selling price at management's discretion, and only if management are completely satisfied that the product was purchased in our stores.

    We have a 14 day return policy. Items returned outside of this time frame cannot be returned or exchanged.

    We do not offer an exchange on sale items discounted by 30% or more.

    We do not offer refunds on discounted or sale items.

  3. How do I return a faulty item?

    1. You must have your original receipt or a price specific proof of purchase (e.g. card statement) for the product you are returning.
    2. Our staff will take receipt of your faulty goods and in return you will receive a Returns Remittance Slip. This is not an acceptance of liability.
    3. Our returns department will examine your goods. If the complaint is deemed worthy, a repair, replacement, store credit or refund will be issued as is appropriate.
    4. If management can find no apparent fault with the goods, you will be contacted and informed of the decision, including an explanation as to why. You will be offered the opportunity for the product to be returned to the manufacturer by ourselves for testing, and for a second expert opinion on the matter.

    We will always accept the decision of the manufacturer following testing, even if it contradicts our own initial judgement.

    Please note that sales assistents on the floor are not qualified to make a decision or judgement on faulty goods. Unless management are present to address the complaint on the day, the above procedure applies. You will then be contacted in due course. 

  4. What are your terms & conditions for returning worn/faulty items?

    There is a 90 day manufacturer’s guarantee on all our shoes.

    Returns deemed defective but which fall outside of the 90 day period (from date of purchase) will be entitled to partial credit of the original purchase value. This will be issued in the form of Store Credit only.

    No refund can be issued without specific proof of purchase, and in any instance where proof of purchase cannot be produced, Store Credit may be issued instead at the discretion of management, and only if management are completely satisfied that the product was purchased in our stores.

    Please note that the following instances are not grounds for returning goods:

    • Excessive wear and tear.
    • Goods damaged by not being used for their intended purpose (i.e. formal/dress shoes being worn as every day shoes, fashion boots being used as riding/field boots).
    • Scuffing on shoes - scuffing happens due to actions where the upper material is repeatedly worn against an abrasive surface. It is a common problem with a minority of young children, especially in their formative years. There is no such thing as anti-scuff or scuff resistant leather/patent/synthetic or canvas materials. A scuffing issue can be easily corrected by observing the child in order to ascertain what he/she is doing to cause the scuffing. As scuffing is damage created by the wearer, it is not a manufacturing fault and therefore not a legitimate reason for return.
    • Shoes worn in wet conditions that are not Waterproof – leather is a naturally porous material and is not waterproof unless lined with GoreTEX or a similar waterproofing technology.
    • Brand new leather soled shoes should never be worn in wet conditions. It is important to 'wear them in' on a dry day to build up a lare of grit on the soles, in order to protect the leather and extend it’s life.
    • Delicate trims such as beadwork or floral accessories are not guaranteed due to their delicate nature and appropriate care should always be taken when wearing such items. It is the consumer’s responsibility to get these repaired.
  5. Where is your Return Policy displayed?

    Our return policy is displayed in the following areas:

    • In large A1 format at the point-of-sale in each of our stores.
    • In A4 format around the store.
    • Pre-printed on the back of all purchase receipts.
    • On our website
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Loyalty Card

  1. How do I sign up for the customer Loyalty Card?

    You can join the customer loyalty scheme in the following ways:

    • Register online at
    • Ask for the Loyalty Card application form in any of our stores and hand the complete form to any member of staff.
    The information you need to supply during the sign up process is as follows:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email
    • Contact Number
  2. What are the Terms & Conditions of the customer Loyalty Card?

    The basic Terms & Conditions, as they appear on the reverse of the Loyalty Card, are as follows:

    1. The KSG loyalty card entitles the cardholder to a 5% to 10% discount in-store. Discount is brand specific.
    2. The KSG loyalty card must be produced before the transaction begins.
    3. The KSG loyalty card is valid when produced by the cardholder only. Proof of ownership may be requested.
    4. The KSG loyalty card cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion and does not apply to Special Discounts/Offers, Sale Items, Gift Cards, Internet Sales or accessory items such as Insoles, Polish etc or any other non-footwear items.
    5. The KSG loyalty card expires 12 months from date of issue. Qualifying conditions are required for renewal of card thereafter. Please ask in-store for details.

    The full Terms & Conditions are as follows:

    The promoter of the Kelly's Shoe Gallery (KSG) customer Loyalty Card is Tim's Shoe Centre Ltd.

    Tim's Shoe Centre Ltd reserve the right to decline, issue, re-issue or withdraw the loyalty cards or discounts at any time, or to alter or terminate the loyalty program at any time without prior notice. This includes but is not limited to changing the loyalty program from a discount based syatem to a points based system, or vica versa.

    Tim's Shoe Centre Ltd reserve the right to remove members from the loyalty scheme at any time.

    The KSG Loyalty Card is not a credit, debit, payment or cheque guarantee card.

    The KSG Loyalty Card is non-transferable and can only be used by the original cardholder/member.

    The qualifying discount has no monetary value by itself and cannot be exchanged for cash. The discount also cannot be transferred to another member or non-member. Discount is applicable only when purchasing a full price qualifying product. 

    The KSG Loyalty Card can be used in both Kelly's Shoe Gallery/Tim's Shoe Centre Ltd stores. To avail of the discount a member must present the card at the point of sale before the transaction is made. Discount cannot be applied retrospectively after the transaction has been made.

    The KSG Loyalty Card entitles the original cardholder to brand specific discounts at the point of sale. The applicable discounts can be viewed here.

    The KSG Loyalty Card is not same day activation on application, and the qualifying discount does not apply until a member makes their second purchase - i.e. you cannot sign up for the card and use/avail of the discount on the same day. Activation can typically take up to seven working days. 

    The KSG Loyalty Card does not apply to products already on promotion or any product that is discounted. No loyalty discount is offered on accessories or non footwear items such as gift cards, insoles, polish, laces, sprays etc. The KSG Loyalty Card discount applies only to purchases made in our brick-and-mortar stores, it does not apply to any internet sales.

    The KSG Loyalty Card is valid for 12 months from date of issue. The loyalty discount is geared towards rewarding regular customers for their repeat custom. It does not exist as a means for members to earn occasional discount. All loyalty card accounts are reviewed annually. Tim's Shoe Centre Ltd reserve the right to withdraw cards and close loyalty accounts for members who do not make use of their loyalty card, or who only use it occasionally, and without prior notice.

    In the event that a card is damaged, lost or stolen, a replacement card can be ordered at a cost of €20. Individual replacement cards have to be ordered specially due to the unique identifier applied to them. This can take a number of weeks.   

    Data Protection: We will only share your details within Tim's Shoe Centre Ltd. No personal details will be shared with any third parties. We may analyse your purchase history to provide you with relevant and personalised offers to help you choose products that are right for you. We may contact you via email, based on the information you provided us with during the sign up process, with details of these personalised offers. You have the right to request your data currently held by us and to rectify or remove personal details by contacting us.

    The procedure to opt out of any any email communications will be mentioned with each email that we send you. 

  3. What discounts are available?

    The following are the discounts available to Loyalty Card customers. Please note these are subject to change. The latest, most up to date discounts can be found by visiting our stores, and may differ from the pre-listed discounts below:

    5% Discount

    • Adidas
    • Converse
    • Ecco
    • Geox Kids
    • Globe
    • Hush Puppies
    • Lelli Kelly
    • Lacoste
    • Puma
    • Ricosta
    • Skechers
    • Start-rite

    10% Discount

    • All other footwear brands


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