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Facebook Terms of Use

What we use Facebook for:

Kelly’s Shoe Gallery utilises Facebook as an informational tool for it’s Facebook fans and customers. The information provided includes store opening times, store contact details, Google map locations, updates on new stock arrivals and information on promotions, offers, discounts and sales. We may also run competitions from time to time. Kelly’s Shoe Gallery also utilises Facebook as a marketing tool for potential new fans and customers, usually via Facebook Ads and Facebook competitions.

What we do not use Facebook for:
Kelly’s Shoe Gallery does not utilise Facebook as a Customer Services channel or platform. Please understand that we do not deal with any customer service issues or complaints via any social media channel, including Facebook. Our company policy is to run our social media channels as marketing and informational tools only. As such our Social Media pages are administered by a third party. Our Customer Services team does not administer our social media pages and thus our social media channels are not a suitable or appropriate platform for addressing customer concerns. For Customer Service queries, you should return to the store where you purchased the item(s) where your query can be dealt with appropriately by a qualified member of staff. Alternatively you can email us at, or via the Contact Form on the website.

Kelly’s Shoe Gallery does not utilise Facebook as an e-commerce platform. Item’s featured on our Facebook timeline can only be purchased in-store, or if a link is provided, online via our sister company Shoe Republik.

Page Interactions:
Kelly’s Shoe Gallery will, where possible, try to answer any queries made by people on the Facebook timeline and/or via the private messaging service. However the response time may not be instantaneous as often the page is administrated by a specialist third party. A quicker way to contact us is to email us at, or via the Contact Form on our website.

Page Moderation:
The Kelly’s Shoe Gallery Facebook page is moderated using a combination of auto and manual moderation. Auto moderation is achieved by utilising Facebook page tools such as the Profanity Filter and Keyword Moderation. This means that if certain undesirable words are detected in a person’s post or comment to our Facebook timeline, the post or comment will be automatically rejected and blocked by the filters. Manual moderation is the maintaining of the Facebook page by the appointed Admins. The page Admins will remove any content that they deem inappropriate, including but not limited to any profanity, bad language, bullying behaviour, baiting, argumentative or aggressive posts, unsubstantiated claims or any other posts of which the content is deemed inappropriate, including Customer Service queries as outlined above. The page Admins also reserve the right to ban any user engaging in this behaviour.

Offers & Promotions:
From time to time Kelly’s Shoe Gallery may run offers or promotions on Facebook, some of which may be exclusive to Facebook fans only. The terms & conditions of any such offers or promotions will be strictly adhered to, i.e. If the promotion is a’ 20% off Ladies Footwear coupon on Saturday & Sunday’, the coupon cannot be redeemed on Monday or against any non Ladies Footwear product.

From time to time Kelly’s Shoe Gallery may run competitions on Facebook, with a winning prize clearly defined for the winner. The terms & conditions of any such competition will be strictly adhered to, i.e. If a ‘Like & Share’ of a post or page is required as a condition of entry, the winning entrant must prove that he/she has satisfied both conditions. As a minimum qualification, all prize winners must be a member of or have already liked the Kelly's Shoe Gallery Facebook page prior to the awarding of any prize(s). The winning prize must be claimed and redeemed within the time frame specified.

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